PC Link

A remote desktop connectivity tool


Name Platforms MD5 Checksum
Desktop App Windows, Mac, Linux c5298a321f17becd66ada305c8602231
Mobile Client Android 7de53d763ba1a0d62d688f3b7f7f6bd9


PCLink is a simple and lightweight desktop connectivity tool to remotely connect to a computer on the same network from a mobile device.


  • QR Support
  • Mouse Control
  • Text Input


  1. Run the desktop app and start the server to begin listening for a connection.

  2. Open the mobile client and scan the barcode

  3. Connect to begin using the mouse controller!

    Note: To send keyboard input, tap the bottom center portion of the mouse screen to open the keyboard

Upcoming Features

  • PGP support (currently in beta)
  • Custom connectivity timeout after inactivity
  • Desktop view: view desktop screen in real-time as you control it

Contact brian@bcvii.com with any questions or concerns.

Last updated: March 30, 2020